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China Best Tall Buildings (2016)

China Best Tall Buildings (2016)

China Best Tall Buildings
An Overview of 2016 China Skyscrapers

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China Best Tall Buildings: An Overview of 2016 China Skyscrapers chronicles the inaugural China Awards process, endeavoring to capture the annual progress of tall building development in one of the world’s most active high-rise epicenters. The book highlights 2016 winners and nominees through rich descriptions supported with current and precise height data, including the 2016 Legacy Award winners, which recognize proven value and performance over the period time from China’s economic opening in 1978 to a point up to 10 years preceding the award year, all accompanied by stunning full-color photos and detailed drawings. Explore the innovations in engineering that are shaping China’s cities of the future.

Executive Editor in Chief: Daniel Safarik
Book Coordination/Review: Steven Henry & Daniel Safarik
Layout Design: Marty Carver
Typesetting: 李政
Cover Design: 完颖
Translation Coordination: 译言网
Translator: 洪芸 郑嵩岩 吴晓静 沈椿人 许远方
Executive Editor: 胡毅
Executive Proofreader: 徐春莲
Publisher: CITAB & CTBUH in conjunction with Tongji University Press, Shanghai, 2016
ISBN13: 978-7-5608-6292-7
Hard cover, 199 pages, 8.25"W x 10.25"H

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