Best Tall Buildings 2016

A Global Overview of 2016 Skyscrapers

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) is the world’s foremost authority on tall buildings. Best Tall Buildings chronicles the annual awards process, in which the CTBUH recognizes outstanding tall buildings and design innovations that advance the potential of integrated sustainability, economic productivity, and social prosperity in cities across the world.

More than an awards book, this volume serves as a global overview of tall building construction and activity in a given year, providing in-depth descriptions of the buildings’ designs and significance, accompanied by stunning images, detailed drawings, and plans. This book provides fascinating and inspiring reading for all those interested in the planning, design, and construction of tall buildings.

CTBUH bestows 11 awards annually, four of which are given to buildings according to geographical regions: Americas, Asia & Australasia, Europe, and Middle East & Africa. The title of overall Best Tall Building Worldwide is then presented to one of the four regional winners at the annual CTBUH Awards Symposium and Ceremony. Additionally, the Urban Habitat Award recognizes significant contributions to the urban realm, in connection with tall buildings. The 10 Year Award recognizes proven value and performance – across one or more of a wide range of criteria – after a building has been completed and in operation for a decade. The Innovation Award recognizes a specific area of recent innovation in the tall building industry that has been incorporated into the design of, or significantly tested in, the construction, operation, or refurbishment of a tall building project. The Performance Award recognizes a building with proven value and performance over a minimum of three years. The CTBUH also gives two annual Lifetime Achievement awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to the design or technical advancement of tall buildings.

Editors: Antony Wood & Steven Henry
Editing Support: Jason Gabel, Benjamin Mandel & Rachel Knowles
Layout: Liwen Kang
Publisher: CTBUH in conjunction with The Images Publishing Group, Chicago, 2016
Hard cover, 280 pages, 8.25"W x 10.25"H

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