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CTBUH Books & Reports
The CTBUH publishes a number of stand-alone books in conjunction with international publishers, and reoccurring publications such as the "100 Tallest Buildings of the World" and the annual "Best Tall Buildings" series.

All CTBUH members receive product discounts and organizational members receive a copy of most CTBUH publications within the duration of their membership (exceptions being conference proceedings and large publications).

  Most Recent CTBUH Publications
Urban Habitat Guide (2017)
Urban Habitat / Urban Design Guide – The Space Between (2017)
Price: $60.00 
Downtown High-Rise vs. Suburban Low-Rise Living (2017)
Downtown High-Rise vs. Suburban Low-Rise Living (2017)
Price: $40.00 
Australia Conference Proceedings (2017)
Australia Conference Proceedings (2017)
Price: $30.00 
Performance-Based Seismic Design for Tall Buildings (2017)
Performance-Based Seismic Design Guide (2017)
Price: $40.00 

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