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Conference Publications
The CTBUH Conferences are known for their cutting-edge content on the advances in the design and technology of tall buildings. The Conference Proceedings (Hardcover) is a compilation of all the technical papers delivered at Conference sessions by the many industry leaders who present on new ideas, innovations, and projects at CTBUH Conferences. The Conference Reports offer an excellent recap of the Conference, providing a summary of the event's presentations and activities.

Shanghai Conference Report (2014)
Shanghai Conference Report (2014)
Price: $30.00 
2014 Shanghai Conference Proceedings
Shanghai Conference Proceedings (2014)
Price: $60.00 
Shanghai Publication Pack (2014)
2014 Shanghai Conference Publication Pack (2014)
Price: $120.00 
2013 London Conference Report
London Conference Report (2013)
Price: $20.00 
CTBUH 2012 Shanghai Congress (2012)
Shanghai Congress Report (2012)
Price: $15.00 
9th World Congress Proceedings Shanghai (2012)
Price: $40.00 
CTBUH 2011 Seoul Conference
Seoul Conference Report (2011)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 2010 Mumbai Conference (2010)
Mumbai Conference Report (2010)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 2009 Chicago Conference (2009)
Chicago Conference Report (2009)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 8th World Congress Review
Dubai Congress Report (2008)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 8th World Congress Proceedings (2008)
8th World Congress Proceedings Dubai (2008)
Out of Print
CTBUH 2006 Chicago Conference, DVD<br><i>Out of Print</i>
Chicago Conference DVD (2006)
Out of Print
CTBUH 2005 World Congress, CD-ROM<br><i>Out of Print</i>
New York Congress CD (2005)
Out of Print

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