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Conference Publications
At the conclusion of every CTBUH Congress and Conference, the CTBUH publishes a report which provides a summary of the event's presentations and activities. These written reports are often supplemented with a DVD containing Video highlights and presentation files. The CTBUH typically holds a world congress every four to five years which includes the publication of a comprehensive proceedings that contains a paper for every speaker at the Congress.

Shanghai Conference Report (2014)
Shanghai Conference Report (2014)
Price: $30.00 
2014 Shanghai Conference Proceedings
Shanghai Conference Proceedings (2014)
Price: $60.00 
Shanghai Publication Pack (2014)
2014 Shanghai Conference Publication Pack (2014)
Price: $120.00 
2013 London Conference Report
London Conference Report (2013)
Price: $20.00 
CTBUH 2012 Shanghai Congress (2012)
Shanghai Congress Report (2012)
Price: $15.00 
9th World Congress Proceedings Shanghai (2012)
Price: $40.00 
CTBUH 2011 Seoul Conference
Seoul Conference Report (2011)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 2010 Mumbai Conference (2010)
Mumbai Conference Report (2010)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 2009 Chicago Conference (2009)
Chicago Conference Report (2009)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 8th World Congress Review
Dubai Congress Report (2008)
Price: $15.00 
CTBUH 8th World Congress Proceedings (2008)
8th World Congress Proceedings Dubai (2008)
Out of Print
CTBUH 2006 Chicago Conference, DVD<br><i>Out of Print</i>
Chicago Conference DVD (2006)
Out of Print
CTBUH 2005 World Congress, CD-ROM<br><i>Out of Print</i>
New York Congress CD (2005)
Out of Print

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