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Technical Guides
Produced by the CTBUH’s working groups, these guides are indispensable for designers of tall buildings. Each guide provides practical, state-of-the-art technical detail. Covering a variety of topics, these guides offer a wealth of knowledge essential for both industry professionals and academic researchers.

Technical Guide Pack
Technical Guides Pack
Price: $160.00 
Green Wall Guide (2014)
Green Walls Guide (2014)
Price: $60.00 
Wind Tunnel Testing Guide
Wind Tunnel Testing Guide (2013)
Price: $35.00 
Outrigger Design Guide (2012)
Outrigger Design Guide (2012)
Price: $35.00 
Natural Ventilation Guide (2012)
Natural Ventilation Guide (2012)
Price: $50.00 
Recommendations for the Seismic Design of High-Rise Buildings
Recommendations for Seismic Design (2008)
Price: $10.00 
Emergency Evacuation: Elevator Systems Guideline
Emergency Evacuation Guidebook (2004)
Price: $10.00 
Building Safety Assessment/Enhancement Guidebooks
Building Safety Guidebooks (2002)
Price: $15.00 

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