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2021 Issue IV - Digital Only

Contents include:
Special Conference Issue: The Future City
Overcoming Carbon, Climate, and Societal Challenges in Cities
Megacities vs. Urban Sprawl; Densifying vs. Social Distancing
Reducing the Carbon Emissions of High-Rise Structures from the Very Beginning
Designing Holistic Well-Being in the Age of Hybrid Working
Reimagining Plastics in the Built Environment: Ecobricks at the Ridge, Cape Town
Debating Tall: Move or Build a New Inland Megacity?
In Numbers: The Global Impact of 9/11 on Tall Buildings
Talking Tall: Florian Troesch & Jürgen Blank - Seamless Mobility Solution Turns Touchless Dreams into Reality
Ask a CTBUH Expert: Timothy Johnson - What Does the Tech Industry Want in a High-Rise?

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