Stack Effect in Tall Buildings

Although basic theories of air flow and pressure in buildings have been well-documented and tested for low-rise buildings, there is no significant technical literature available that documents tall building pressures. This publication provides an overall understanding of the stack effect in tall buildings and establishes basic design guidelines to mitigate the impact of uncontrolled air movement in tall buildings caused by indoor/outdoor temperature variations and wind pressures.

This guide is an output of the CTBUH MEP Systems Committee, comprising professionals from across the global tall building industry. CTBUH Technical Guides are indispensable for designers of tall buildings. Each guide provides practical, state-of-the-art technical detail. Covering a variety of topics, these guides offer a wealth of knowledge essential for both industry professionals and academic researchers.

Principal Authors: Mehdi Jalayerian & Tyler Jensen
Coordinating Editor: Daniel Safarik
Layout: Yian Jiang
Layout Review: Tansri Muliani

ISBN 978-0-939493-85-2
Soft cover, 200 pages, 8.5”W x 11”H

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