Timber Rising: Global Perspectives on Mass Timber Advances for the Tall Building Industry

As the planet becomes more urbanized than ever before, tall buildings will continue to be essential to providing the level of housing, office, and retail space required to adequately serve dense populations. But if we are to simultaneously curtail the significant amounts of carbon released into the atmosphere by the building industry, these emerging buildings must incorporate materials that are equal parts renewable and resilient. The advent of mass timber products has provided such an opportunity, one with the promise of reinventing conventional approaches to not only tall building design and construction, but city-building as a whole. The papers within this book detail some of the cutting-edge mass timber innovations across energy-efficiency, structural improvements, technological advancements, and code and standard updates.

This and other CTBUH Timber Rising outputs are funded and made possible by a grant from the USDA Forest Service.

Editors: Emily Torem & Daniel Safarik
Layout: Jenny Worrell

Publisher: CTBUH, Chicago, 2020 
ISBN: 978-0-939493-74-6
Soft cover, 160 pages, 7"W x 10"H

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